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Parent Information

Welcome to Clifton Elementary! 

We are excited to have you at our school. If you are new to Clifton, we would like you to come check-in at the office on your first day of school. We would like to give you a tour, answer any questions, and introduce you to your teacher. 

School Times: 

Monday- Thursday 8:55 am-4:00 pm

Friday 8:55-2:00 pm

The doors open at 8:35 and students can grab a free breakfast. 

We love visitors!

If you come to visit our school, you need to bring your ID to visit. 

Before and after school plans: 

We have before and after school programs with limited availability. The office has more information about those programs. We have many bus routes for students. You can find more information about bussing through STA (970)697-1050. 

If you will be dropping off and picking up students please do not park in the bus loop (east parking lot). Parent pick up is near the front building. Please drive slowly and watch for signs. Please do not double park or park in the drop off line. Do not use the handicap spots unless you have proper documentation. 


Please call to report absences (970) 254-4760 ext. 1.

If your child will be gone for an extended time, you will need to come to the office and get the pre-arranged absence form prior to the absence. If your child is sick and it has lasted longer than 5 days, a doctor's note is required to be excused. If a student has vomited or had a fever in the last 24 hours, they may not come to school. 

Early Pick Up: 

If your child has an appointment, please provide a doctor's note to excuse the absence. If you are picking up early, please bring your ID to sign your student out. 


Any medication (over the counter or prescribed including cough drops or Tylenol) must be brought to the health office with the proper paperwork. Please call Ms. Lorena with questions (970) 254-4760 ext. 44104. 


If you have custody agreements in place, please bring a copy to the office so we can update the child's file. 


Julie Louderback, attendance and registrar

Becca Fowler, principal secretary